The Discover Cash at Checkout option at is one of the coolest things I have heard of yet.

Discover Card has really got it going on and can tell has really thought through this and how they can really make it more convenient for customers to get cash instead of having to run out to the bank ATM. Discover was a leader in Cash Back credit cards and this is just another innovative idea that sets Discover Credit cards ahead of the pack. discover cash at checkout Discover Cash at Checkout

It is really easy to do and you can just follow the steps below:

1) Use your Discover card to make the purchase

2) When you are prompted at the register after sliding your card, just put in the amount of cash you want back up to $120.

3) Get your cash and head on out! Simple.

The Cash at Checkout option while using your Discover Credit Card is that you can use it for normal transactions, get your 5% cash back bonus and actual cash back. The beauty of it for the cardholder is that there are no ATM fees, no transaction fees and no bank fees.

Some people may think this is a cash advance with the high interest associated with those type of transactions. The answer is no, this is not a cash advance. When at a retail location it is treated just like a regular Discover Card purchase and your purchase APR and grace period apply.

There is no need to have a pin and a pin is not required.

You can get up to $120, but some stores may have lower limits so you have to check with your local store.

To find all the retailers participating in the Cash at Checkout program you can visit

Use Discover for no fee Cash at Checkout at Walmart or Sam’s Club! This is an exclusive benefit for Discover Card members.

If you do not have a Discover Credit Card you can review and apply for any of the Discover Card offers below.

 Discover Cash at Checkout

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  1. i cannot get a list of retailers, such as grocery store HEB, where i can do this.

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