Credit Cards Explained – Why a Credit Card Instead of Cash?

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Here is a video explaining in a fun way the benefits of using a credit card instead of cash.

Not even mentioning the obvious reasons like the security a credit card provides vs carrying cash around with you. You also get fraud protection.

But the key ones highlighted in the video are purchase protection, extended warranty and price protection.

I have a Citi Thank You card that I use now to make most of my purchases because it has all of these features. You can apply for it by clicking on the apply here button below.

Plus it also has a whole set of benefits while traveling as well as a great rewards program.

I think you will get the idea in the video, but credit cards with these kind of benefits will beat cash or debit cards hands down.

I know there are the people that preach using cash all the time, but as you can see you are much more protected on purchases when using a card with all of these benefits.

Enjoy the video!

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